Stoffel Polygon Systems, Inc.

When splines or keys fail prematurely, Polygons are your Solution!

  • Polygons transmit nearly twice the torque of involute splines in the same shaft diameter.

  • Increase connection life on violent torque reversals.

  • Excellent concentricity, provide balance at high speeds.

  • Polygons are self-centering even on loose connections.

  • Easy to assemble, easy to clean.

  • Polygons high strength makes it possible to reduce connection size when space limitation is required.

  • Can be ground after hardening, avoiding heat treatment distortion.

  • Minimum backlash, even Zero Backlash with taper polygons, or press fit connections.

  • Peak Stress, half as high as in a spline, thus fatigue life is 10x greater.

Oil Industry


Steel Mills


Pump Shafts